RainbowHR LLC

Shifting the power dynamic in USA workplaces.

Our Services

Corporate Offerings

We educate employees and leadership teams on how to create, honor and maintain psychological safety in their respective workplaces.

Worker Offerings

It is a pleasure and honor to teach employees how to shift the power dynamic in their workplaces by wielding USA labor & employment regulations offensively & defensively.

An educated worker is only a threat to predatory employers.  

Working With Teams Across Industries

RainbowHR LLC works alongside C-suite leaders/teams across industries in Corp USA to create and implement equitable organizational designs and accountability measures. Healthy workplace cultures have a positive tension between the power held by management & educated workers in the successful delivery of company goals.

Keisha N. Jackson, J.D

Founder | RainbowHR LLC

To understand my work, my passion, and why I center the experiences of dark skinned African American women & femmes in workplaces across the USA, one must understand when I accepted the “call to duty” 20 years ago in what I now know is Black August in the USA.

My first client was a non-exempt worker…

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