Keisha Jackson


  • I had the privilege of working with Keisha at Summit Public Schools...

    The consummate team player. I know this sounds like a cliche and gets thrown around a lot, but no one embodies this more than Keisha. Keisha oversaw Human Resources while I did Recruitment and Selection. On the Talent Team, our work overlapped frequently, and Keisha made her presence felt, even on topics that were not hers. She understood the importance of her work but also elevated and valued the work of the rest of the team. Keisha is the first teammate to introduce me to and model for me true values-based leadership. Working with Keisha, you will find a thoughtful listener, a voice for the employee, and a willing contributor to break down your professional/work barriers. I could count on her honest and transparent thought partnership on any day.”

    Humberto Gutierrez
  • Words can’t express how much Keisha assisted me with a very complex work situation...

    She was empathetic, gracious and knowledgeable in assisting me in resolving my case. The best part was that her advice was right and I received compensation!!!! Thank you Keisha!”

    Odori Pendleton
  • Keisha Jackson became Director of Finance and Operations at Bright Beginnings where I worked with her as Accounting and Finance Manager...

    I would gladly work with her again. She has a great ability to both lead and listen, in that she could immediately see issues, priorities, and solutions in a complex early childhood development center, but was also very open to hearing other insights and experiences. Keisha quickly established a great sense of teamwork, of really working with people. She is also a person of integrity and courage, which is evident in difficult situations. These are vital for the equity work she does. Expect great results when you work with her!”

    Sandra Ames
  • Keisha helped me tremendously when I was personally experiencing a hostile work environment at a previous employer...

    Her expertise and knowledge were invaluable as I navigated my exit from said employer, and I could not have moved on from the predicament without her help. It is too often that employees like me experience harassment, discrimination, and retaliation without the proper understanding of their rights and protections. Thankfully, Keisha is here to help! As an advocate for employees and an external HR consultant for employers that want to improve the best practices of their workplace, Keisha receives my highest recommendation.”

    Ricardo Corporán, SHRM-CP
  • I directly reported to Keisha at Summit Public Schools...


    Since I started my position as Manager of HR & Credentialing, I have been fortunate to know her as a knowledgeable, equity-driven professional who only yearns to see others shine—she will let it be known! Her support as a leader is impeccable; the world of state teacher certifications is a complex task, yet she efficiently understood the importance of state qualifications and would lend a helping hand to meet the status quo to retain our employees. Keisha is an advocate for every individual on her team who strives for success by identifying areas for continuous improvement and brainstorming a solution that benefits the system’s streamline. Not only is she a values-based leader, but she is also a genuine woman. Anyone working with her would be fortunate to have them in their organization—she is a champion for her team and will recognize their wins!”

    Michelle Angeles

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